Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Homecoming '08

Homecoming ‘08

Since school has started, it has been one thing after another. One of my major projects has been the preparation for Morgan’s first homecoming. The girls have a tradition from your freshman year until graduation to trade mums with their friends. In the beginning I just started out making the mum that she would were to school on homecoming day, and then again to the game later that night. I had asked her several times how many she needed to give to her friends. “Mom, I don’t think I’m going to do that.” She told me. I just knew that she would come to me the week before the game and order about 20. Well, I was part right. She needed only 8 mums. Oh, and she decided that she didn’t want the traditional school colors of RED, Black and White.
Oh no, she wanted them to be different. SO that’s what I did.
Each girl had their own theme. Somewhere animal print, some were polka dot. Here’s how they turned out.

She ended up not even wearing one to the game.

Then, there is Dance.


The Friends

The car Ride

The Dinner out

She wouldn't let me take pictures at the dance I guess that isn't cool....