Monday, July 28, 2008

Look What Followed Us Home

Last night after dinner we went for a walk around our neighborhood. We took a shorter walk than usual because I was worn out from working on Kenzie’s room all day. The girls like to ride their bike ahead and were home a few seconds before us, when we turned to corner to our street, the girls shouted “Look at this dog in our yard.” The most adorable dog was playing with the girls in the yard. We thought it might belong to the people who live a few doors down, so we walked over and knocked on their door. Nope, didn’t belong to them. We put the dog on a leash and walked it around for a while and knocked on a few door to neighbors whom we thought owned a golden retriever. Nope, no one. So the girls went home and made some signs, we drove around (by now it was 10:00 @ night) and posted them around the neighborhood hoping to find its owner. No luck so far. She is obviously someone’s pet because she has been trained really well, ha maybe she can teach our dog a few tricks. When Adam left for work this morning he told them “Now don’t get attached, she belongs to someone.” Ha too late, the girls have named her Dixie from the book, ‘Because of Winn Dixie’ by Kate Dicamillo. Will keep you posted on this one….


Anonymous said...

Cute dog! I hope you find the owner, but she sure is pretty.

We would love to add your young friend to our prayer list. If her mother says it is OK, the kids would like to send her a card. Just let me know.

vintagemom said...


At Home in the Country said...

Oh boy....looks like you may have a new friend for awhile. Hopefully if she really is lost, her family will find her soon.

I love the letters in the new berry cute bedroom...those are soooo cute!