Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Weekend Adventures

This weekend my mom came into visit for McKenzie’s 7th birthday. We had lots of fun with Kenzie’s mini slumber party and just hanging around the house. On Saturday we decided to venture out of the house before mom had to go back to Ft. Worth. My neighbor had mentioned that there are the cutest Antique shops off of Hildebrand and San Pedro (in San Antonio) and that the prices were “still reasonable.” So we tried to be polite and ask in one in the house if they would like to go, when all of the sudden Morgan said that she would like to come too. So she threw on her shoes and off we went. We had to make a few stops along the way. But once we finally approached the highway, Morgan asked “where are we going?”
“To a few shops Mary told me about” I told her.
“Wait, I thought we were going to the mall…..” Morgan was confused.
“Why would WE want to do to the mall?” I told her. I try to avoid the mall whenever possible.
“Oh wait….can you take me back home,” she the sure look of panic across her face.
“Nope, so just enjoy the ride.” I laughed.
We reached a small row of shops in a row, and went in. Now, these shops were not fancy by any means, but had good cute pieces of furniture and very reasonable prices. Most of them said that they were having a sell, and most of them like cash and No credit cards. We found a set of 6 beautiful old Chippendale chairs for $699 and a buffet, which is what my mom has been looking at for years, but the table was already sold. Then at the next little building, I found a vanity for Morgan’s room. I asked the man how much and he said $135, I then asked him if he would consider $100 (I had never really haggled before, but thought I would give it a try, you never know) He said he would, and I tried to control my excitement I paid for it. I have looked for a long time to find a cute vanity for Morgan’s room. This one was good because the top can be used as a desk also. Now, to load it I said….
Lucky for me I drive a large car; most of my time is spent driving lots of kids to and from places, so I needed the extra room. At least this is how I sold my husband on it. Truth be known I like to find stuff and bring it home (see ugly chair parade), that way I don’t have to borrow my husband’s truck, he might figure out what I am up to. (Sorry babe!)
After a few tries we got the car loaded with the back two row seats folded down, when Morgan asked, “Uh, where am I supposed to sit?” “Oh Morgan, we’ll figure it out,” I reached between the two legs of the vanity which was lying on its back and flipped up the middle seat so she could sit. “Here you go,” I told her.” “You gotta hold the mirrors also though.” Oh she looked thrilled to say the least.
We drove down to the next little set of shops, there we found Morgan a pair of high heel cowboy boots, which she has wanted, but all have been very expensive (I refuse to pay lot for shoes when her feet are still growing) I asked the lady and she said twenty dollars. I handed her a twenty and off we went.
Then we came to the cutest shop called Casa Bella, it is a mix of Shabby Chic and French Country finds. He had an adorable rusty twin size bed we thought would be perfect for my niece Re. “Oh mom it’s so cute.” So she made a deal with the owner and it was ours. Now how to get it home??? This is an issue all its own. But we did it, with a happy teen in the mist of it all.

I'm still not sure how we got the bed into her little car.


Cheri (aka "The Mom Lady") said...

Ah, train up a child...

Whether she knows it or not, she's learning how to make a good deal! And enjoy her family at the same time.

I hope I can get to SA and find those shops some day. I wonder where those kind are in the Houston area? I miss the antique warehouses we had in Surrey when we lived in the UK.

Theresa @ Take A Sentimental Journey said...

WOW ! I love that vanity.You got a good deal in it.Looks like ya'll had fun.

KARIN said...

Amy, that is hysterical. I love that strip of shops on Hildebrand. In fact, there is a Sheraton style buffet with a bow front- is that the one your mom saw :o- in one of the shops that I want to buy, but I can't figure out how to get it home. I've got the trailer, but am scared I'll kill somebody if I try to pull it home. I bought a secretary a few days ago on Craigslist and managed to get that and two kids into one car. Never again. Love Morgan's vanity! Did you stop by Casabella Antiques. That's my favorite. TTL!

Anonymous said...

OH, so much fun! You found some really fabulous deals. The vanity is just beautiful! Morgan definitely looks glad that she shopped with you after all.

KARIN said...

Oh, duh!!! You DID find Casa Bella. Nooooooo!!!!! You didn't buy my vanity, did you?? I LOVE that place.

Deerfield is rain repellant. I don't know what is is. Hope you are getting some rain.

I fed my kids brownies right before the Tornado Warning. So I have two kids hyped up on sugar hiding under the staircase in a very small closet. That's my life :(