Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Hill Country Style

I love the Texas Hill Country in the fall. The change of seasons are not are noticeable in town, but once you leave the city of San Antonio and head to the rolling county sides, the colors of the falling leaves are in full swing.

One of my favorite Hill Country towns is Fredrickburg. I have always loved to visit and love all of the German style architecture, not to forget the German food.

Today while looking for pictures to post, I found my Hill Country Dream House. Just a cool $3,200,000.

Photos: Remax


Mandy said...

Welcome to my town. You will have to come back this weekend. We are having the country peddler show, trade days, and and antique show. FYI - enjoy the blog!

Pearls To Hide My Neck said...

this is so funny. Joni at Cote De Texas has featured this home. It actually is her ex sister-in-laws I think. I just love the whole house.

Hill Country House Girl said...

Just got your comment. I am so flattered and appreciate you letting me know that you wrote about our house. It is a fabulous example of great hill country architecture and I hope someone else will come along to love it! We are hoping to downsize a bit, and I love designing and building houses, so I want to do it again! We actually bought this house from another family, so I can't take credit for it's design, but it is special and I am happy to share it.

Also,to "Pearls....". you are correct, Joni did feature my house when I first started my blog. We would have been sisters in law had I stayed married to her husband's brother! Pretty small world, though, as I found her through Cote de Texas! She is so good, she has left me in the dust when it comes to blogging!!

Thanks again for the visit and I love the name "3cheers4mom"!!

The Tulip Lady said...

now THAT is a Texas Hill Country home!!!!