Monday, November 10, 2008

Thanksgiving Dinner

My Mom decided after last year’s family fiasco that she has sworn off making Thanksgiving Dinners. Therefore, everyone has decided to come to my house here in San Antonio. At first I was excited. Then reality has set in. I think that it dawned on me last night that I have no clue how to make the traditional turkey and dressing dinner. It is times like these that I wish my grandmother were still here.
She was the total Southern Belle. I can still remember her famous brunch meals when I was a child. She would be in the kitchen for hours making all of our southern favorites, homemade biscuits and red eye gravy, fried chicken, salt bacon, bacon, eggs, you name it, it was there. You would be so full that you just had to take a nap after wards. Thanksgivings were a lot of the same, but with a Bloody Mary’s before the meal . Oh, and a turkey!
Don’t get me wrong, I know that this is an opportunity to start my own traditions, to form my own memories with my family, I guess it is the fear of the new, the failed dressing or the burned turkey. But there is also the fear that if it is too good, I might get stuck doing it every year!

For now I am off to look at table ideas. Here are just a few.

Photos : Country Living


coco said...

Thanks for coming by and leaving a comment. These are some of my favorite fall table settings as well.

Montee said...

Thanks for visiting me! Yes, I am a missplaced SC girl here in Bulverde. I have a daughter at Baylor and my son is a junior at Smithson valley. My husband grew up in San Antonio and graduated from Madison High School waaay back in 1980. I do like it here but I truly miss the Southeast. Are you originally from S.A.? I was just wondering because of what you wrote about your grandmother's cooking. I usually host Thanksgiving at my house. Not this year. My mother-n-law says the cedar bothers her too much. This after 7 years of hosting. Mmmm. We will be going to my BIL's house in S.A. I understand worrying about the turkey and dressing. My mama makes the best dressing and I can't seem to make it quite as good as hers. I love all those tables that you posted! I need to head to Home Goods and add a little more to my table. I like to decorate for Thanksgiving, even though I am not hosting the main event. Come visit me again!

Montee said...

Okay, I know I just wrote a book in my other post, but I just looked at the rest of you blog. I see your daughter goes to WC. My niece goes there. She is a junior and plays soccer. Her name is Nicole Wellman. I am not sure if your daughter would know her or not. Okay, I'm done posting for now.

beth at aunties said...

These table settings are beautiful!
You will do just fine and I bet it is the first of many memories of having Thanks giving at your home!
Bless your heart! I like the new header!

Vern ~ Inspired said...


I have seen your creativeness and have no doubt that you are going to have the best decorated table filled with love and good food!

Relax you are going to be the greatest hostess!!
Now get some rest so you can go raid Hobby Lobby and HEB!!!

Love ya!

PS - I read Montee's second post and know who her neice is!!
Their family and I go waaay back!
I will have to send her a blog message too! Small world!

Vern ~ Inspired said...

I forgot to tell you that I love the new blog look!!

Montee said...

We have lived out here for 7 years. We lived in TN for 10 years before that. My father's side of the family is from there, Nashville. I like it here okay but I just like the Southeast better. I know people that live here, visit TN or Georgia and ask why we left there. My husband felt there would be more opportunity for our children in schools here. I would say maybe a little. We have made some wonderful friends here. It's getting kind of busy out here now so when our son graduates, we will probably move. Not sure where yet. We may just throw a dart.

Tracey said...

I prepared my first FULL ON Thanksgiving meal all by myself about 3 years ago and it was perfect!! I did a lot of planning...looking at recipes on line, asking mom questions, etc...but the absolute best tip I can give you is...are you ready for it......THE TURKEY BAG! Your turkey will be wonderful!!! Look for them at the store...but hurry cuz they tend to sell out close to Turkey Day!!!

Beautiful table scapes..I was thinking of doing something natural...I've seen artichokes used as candle holders and definitely want to do something with cranberries and pomegranates! Can wait!


Vintage Mom said...

Your blog is too funny! I'll bring Captain Morgan!

Sandy said...

You'll do great Amy. Just keep it simple, and don't get too caught up by beautiful photos etc.
Make is your own, use what you have, don't stress and ENJOY!
Cooks Illustrated cookbook is the BEST if you want the tried and trued recipes, that turn out perfect every time!

gina said...

I just wanted to say we have common interests. my all time favorite movie is you've got mail and I have 4 girls the oldest being 13 then 11 then 5 then 2. I enjoyed your blog and loved the Thanksgiving photos etc.

Anonymous said...

Hi Amy! It's wonderful to see you back online. Computers can be such a pain sometimes.

The table settings are just beautiful. You are going to have so much fun having everyone over for Thanksgiving. I have several amazing turkey recipes if you need any. My favorite is a pommegranate turkey that was in Country Living mag. several years ago.

Have a great time getting ready for Thanksgiving! I can't wait to see what you choose to do.

Enjoy your Monday!

KARIN said...

Two words: Bill Miller. Heeeee!!!!!!!!!!!

I bought Scott a smoker at an estate sale many years ago and he thinks its great fun to wake up at the crack of dawn and start smoking the turkey. Works for me!!! I just have to work on the sides.

PS I went down to Casa Bella (like 10 times- he is NEVER open) to buy that buffet before your mom got ahold of it. It was so beat up. It looked awful, even for me. I ended up leaving without it. :( I'll never find another one :(

Glitter and Bliss said...

Thanks so much for leaving a sweet comment on my blog. Now I found you. I love your beautiful Thanksgiving pics.