Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Last night I was in charge of our Daisy (Girl Scout meeting), and being the typical “Cheer Mom” that I am, the topic was on team work, and decided to invited our High School Cheerleaders to attend the meeting. The girls loved it and had a great time.
After the meeting I was chatting with one of the mom’s and said how surprised I was that her daughter was not talking about being a cheerleader like she normally does. She confessed to me that they recently had a conversation about the dangers of cheerleading and how she was trying to deter her daughter away from the sport. I agreed that it is one of the most dangerous sports now a days, but like anything else, if you learn the fundamentals, it makes you a stronger and smarter cheerleader. And if you do not allow yourself to learn these basics, or to prepare yourself, you could miss out on an opportunity.
I have thought about this and how it applies to my own life, how am I letting the fear control my decisions. Just Do it! Is pretty much my conclusion.
It is just a booth, if it doesn’t work… we will have an AWESOME Garage Sale.

Grand Opening April 1, 2009

-Cheers! Amy

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