Sunday, February 15, 2009

Well, after a lot of thought and encouragement, I have decided to start an online store. I am still in the “research and development phase,” and have created a separate blog for Morgan McKenzie Designs. You will be able to follow my journey and development of our new business adventure.
But, in the mean time, I have more exciting news. My mom and I booked our first trip to Round Top for the Spring Show. We are so excited! After months of reading other fabulous blogs, and hearing about their wonderful trips to Round Top, Texas; we knew that we just had to go and check it out.
I have already started compiling a “want list” and have officially cut out trips to Starbucks, and other extravagances to help save more money for my trip. Unfortunately the dog groomer should not have been one of those items.

Poor thing, it will grow back… Right.

Any ways, this is my mom. Better known as my partner in crime. You might remember what happen the last time we decided to go out on an adventure. So there is no telling what kind of trouble we might get into in Round Top.
-Cheers, Amy


Anonymous said...

Yea Amy for going for your dreams! I am so excited for you and can't wait to see your progress! The trip with your mom sounds great. I am sure you will enjoy it emensely!
Have a wonderful week,

Parisienne Farmgirl said...

Thanks for becoming a follower - great blog! Excited about your trip - and freaking out over your hobby lobby toile!!!! I MUST have some of that!!!!!!!!
Really intrigued about your online store - I was just talking about this the other day - can one do it without warehouseing inventory???

Vintage Mom said...

I read something the other day that went something like this..."For one to sail the ocean, one must leave the shore." I'm excited about your new adventure. Also, thanks for using the pic that's 10 yrs younger and 20 lbs lighter!

Garden Antqs Vintage said...

Hi Amy, so glad you stopped by my blog. Please look me up at Zapp Hall when you come to Round Top. So you are staying with Deb, Heritage House. I'm hoping to get over to meet her at this show. I have a friend that's staying with her and I'm planning to come by one evening. You're going to have a blast. I'm having a blog party on Sun., Mar. 29, maybe you can make it out. Happy hunting, Theresa