Sunday, September 13, 2009

Garden Plans

I have been thinking about planting a Fall Garden. For the past two summers the kids have planted a garden in the early spring, but with this Texas Heat, and lack of rain, it hasn’t done very well.

All photos from: Hobby Home Farms

We are predicted to have a “wet fall” here in San Antonio, so I thought that maybe I would try to plant a fall garden. Does anyone have any suggestions what to plant? I have thought of heirloom tomatoes, but wasn’t sure if that was just for the summer. I am a woman on a mission…


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Jennifer said...

Lettuces (all colors and flavors) and cabbages do wonderful in the fall. They are also sooo pretty to plant in arrangements! Also, try a little turnip greens, spinach and put out you onion bulbs for harvest in the spring.

Can't wait to see what you lay out !