Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Dream Home

For the past couple of years I have marked my calender and set the VCR for the reveal of the HGTV Dream Home. I must confess, the other homes have been beautiful, and I would have been very happy to have won the homes, but I am in love with this year’s home. I love the wraparound porch and the inviting door with the glass panels. I could envision myself sipping coffee there in the mornings or having a glass of wine and watching the sun set in the evenings. But most of all it makes me wonder what my idea dream home would look like.
So, this is my question to you, what would you do if you won the HGTV Dream Home? Would you sell everything and move to the lovely Sonoma, California? Or, would you keep it as a vacation house and rent it out. I would love to hear your thoughts.
As for me, what would I do? Well, I’m not really sure. First, I would host a home tour to raise money for charity. Then, hopefully have a romantic trip with my husband. We never really had a honeymoon, unless you count the night that we stayed in Embassy Suites in lovely Abilene, TX after our wedding. After that, I’m not sure what I would do. I guess I have plenty of time to think about it.
-Wishing you New Year Cheers!


kate said...

I too have always loved the HGTV
homes, ive been lucky enough to
visit two of them, while they were open. I loved one from 3 yrs ago and would have given up my home and everything to have lived there, but Im not excited about living in somo, ca. to each his own. ( p.s. have you ever read the fine print, if you win, you have to pay all the sales tax, yourself at closing) sales tax on a $500,000.home could be a little pricey out of your pocket!!! no mortgages on taxes.
visit our blog
thanks, kate

beth at aunties said...

My hubby is an architect and has instilled the love of design in my soul.
I enjoy the watching this show also. It looks like a wonderful home. Sonoma California is so beuatiful with all the vineyards and would love to have this home as a vacation spot.
We would need to rent it out so others could help pay the high taxes. Napa Valley Has always been a gorgeous place to visit! O'kay, now a I am dreaming with all this snow outside!
I was glad to see you back... I miss you when you don't post:)

leslie ruth said...

Oh, that porch! I dream and long for the day when we live in a house with a nice, big porch.

And ah, yes, the illustrious Embassy Suites in good 'ol Abilene. What's hilarious is that even though it's now the Elegante everyone still refers to it as the Embassy Suites :)

Anonymous said...

The dream home episode on HGTV takes priority over football on New Years night! The one for this year in Sonoma is absolutely amazing! I have never considered living in California, but this could change my mind! I wouldn't want to leave it! I would welcome all visitors though! :)

I hope that you have a fabulous New Year!

cityfarmer said...

hey, we're following each other...ha
I love to link over to new followers

let's be friends....How'd you get a picture of my house haha

Anonymous said...

Funny you should ask.....I stopped entering the contest a couple of years ago when I realized we couldn't afford to keep it because of the taxes AND you aren't allowed to rent it out so that would put us in quite the pickle. Ahhh but a girl can definitely dream!!