Tuesday, January 6, 2009

I must confess I really haven’t been myself lately. It took me a little longer to put my Christmas stuff up this year, and it has taken me even longer to take it down. But slowly, I am getting it done.
On New Year’s Eve, I had to run to Target for a few odds and ends, I was on my last diaper, so I just had to go. Morgan wanted to see if they still had a skirt that she wanted to wear to her New Years Eve party. I explained that it was to be a quick trip, because Mason had not taken a nap yet.
Mason of course was fussing and wanted to run around the store, but we grabbed the diapers and Morgan wanted to look at the clothes. I tried to carry Mason for awhile, but he is getting a little too heavy to carry him for long periods of time, so by then, I told Morgan that we need to go and I was getting in line. As I stepped toward the checkout line this spandex wearing, 20 year old cut in front of me. Of course she cart full, I just stopped and got in line behind her. By this time Mason was back in the cart, crying and I was doing my best to keep him distracted, but nothing was working.
Now, let me stop and explain to you, what I am about to share with you, I am not proud of. I am most normally a very polite person, but on this day I’m not sure what came over me. It might have been when the spandex wearing girl in front of me had two transactions, or Mason screaming for twenty minutes, but when the cashier and the 20 something girl just sat their chatting about what they were doing to that night I must have lost self control.
I hear a very rude voice say, “Oh come on, I’m ready to go!” I couldn’t believe I had said it. The spandex girl and the cashier just looked at me in amazement; the people behind me chuckled a little.
I said nothing.
When she began to check me out, I apologized to the checker, and explained that I didn’t mean to be rude. While walking out to the car, for some reason I couldn’t stop laughing. Not that I think rudeness is funny, but in the disbelief that I had actually blurted out something like that. Morgan on the other hand didn’t find it so funny.
I later called my mom to tell her what I had done, her response:
“Wow Amy, you turned 35 and now you will say anything.”
Oh no, it this the case? Will I have my picture posted on the door of shopping centers across the nation warning every one of my rudeness, I hope not. Or, is my mind already going that I forget to “Think before I speak.” I’m not sure; I guess I am having a little trouble this year. And it’s only the 6th of January!
-Cheers, Amy


beth at aunties said...


I gotta love ya! I am so glad you said what so many have felt like saying, especially under stress:-) With little Mason tired and fussing, it usually is what my mom would say, "It finally broke the camel's back!"
People just don't think about others like they used too.
I am glad you could laugh and get the relief you needed. You are an amazing generous and thoughtful person. Thanks for sharing and I hope you can get out of your funk soon;-}

Do it yourselfer said...

been there, done that! wait til you hit 40...you'll have to put a muzzle on your mouth to keep from saying everything that pops into your head:0)

Paula said...

Boy can I realate! Sometimes things just fly out of my mouth too! But since I'm Dori from finding Nemo I usually forget it instantly! Thanks for stopping by my blog today. I enjoyed reading through yours! You kids pictures are beautiful!

Vern ~ Inspired said...


That made me laugh!
I could just see Morgan as she heard you say that! lol!

I have something that can help that funk...and give you an opportunity for a girls night out!
Check out the event update on my blog...hope you can come!

Love ya!

Jerri Lynn @ Southern Sassyness said...

I read this last night - thanks so much for the laugh...so needed it! Sounds so much like me. :)

Anonymous said...

Oh Amy, we all have our moments as Mom's that we just forget who we are for a moment. Honestly it's a moment that we just can't help but deserve. Sometimes mom's just have to vent, even in Target!
It's great that you caould laugh at yourself when it was all said and done.

I laughed out loud reading your story as it reminded me of the time I was in a drive-thru with my ill kids. We waited and waited while my kids were getting more and more ill by the moment. When at last we got our food I looked at the poor little girl in the window and snapped "I thought this was supposed to be fast food!" and peeled away. That poor little girl in the window just stood there in shock. Not a finer moment in my life.

Hopefully you'll be out of your funk soon and back to your cheery self!

Have a great weekend,