Sunday, January 11, 2009

From The Heart

This morning I sat in total silence drinking a cup of coffee, which is very rare for me. Adam and I went to an event last night and the kids spent the night with his parents. The TV was off and Adam was still asleep. Total silence.
As I stared out the window I thought about the direction my life was going in, who I am and where I’ve been. And I thought a lot about the challenges that I am facing right now as a mother of three children. Since I have large gaps in ages, I have very different challenges with each one of my children, but I guess since each child has their own personality, I guess this is normal.
I also thought about my own personal challenges. Who I am and how to organize my life? I not just talking about my house hold items that are lying around, but the day to day challenges that I am faced with. I am questioning my day to day actives that make me a better Christian woman, wife, and parent.
This is where my blog comes in, I decided to organize my blog a little. I would like to write a series of post on Monday’s that are a little more personal that what I normally write. I will share a little more about me and my life and probably a little too much about parenting and the obstacles that I am facing. I guess it is a little more, “From the Heart.”
-Cheers, Amy

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