Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Color Me Happy

Every time I see a decorated room, I am always curious to see the wall colors, make a note, and pick up the swatch when I am that paint store. I have piles and piles of paint swatches in a large zip lock bag that are just laughing at me as we speak. I am constantly getting stuck on a particular color, you think that it would make your choices a little simpler right.
WRONG!!! Who knew that there were so many shades of a “golden brown.”

Do you remember this chair? I am thinking about recovering it also. I have battled back and forth about covering in the leopard print or a linen fabric with chocolate brown embroidery. If I decide to use the leopard on the chair, I could later add dining chairs in the linen.
I also bought upholstery fabric to recover a sofa I had bought a resale shop. I chose a golden brown tight weave chenille hoping it would be a good child friendly fabric. And, the golden brown should hide just about everything, right?
-Cheers, Amy


coco said...

Love both fabric choices...I like the idea of the animal print on that chair and using the linen on DR chairs!

Anonymous said...

Great fabric choices, Amy! Don't you just love a fabric store. I can stay for-ever looking at all the patterns and colors. The animal print is really great. It adds such a fun twist to a room.

Your little one is just too cute!

Hope that you are having a wonderful week!

kate said...

I love the linen with the monogram!! then make a leopard lumbar pillow for the cruck of your your blog

Shannon said...

I love both fabrics but the animal print is great! So cute! I love your blog header!