Tuesday, June 17, 2008


The Nesting has asked everyone to share their imperfections. I sat with my cup of coffee and thought for a while. Which imperfections I would like to share? Should I tell you about the fact that I celebrated the fact that I have started running 2 miles twice a week with a million calorie cup of Starbucks coffee, or the fact that sometimes I have eaten raw cookie dough for breakfast, because I haven’t made it to the store yet. No, instead for scaring my new blog friends I decided to share my other disorders with you.
Yes, I am admitting it! I am addicted to little chairs. I feel that I am doing my little part to recycle these little chairs, with big hopes of saving money and beautifying my house. One little chair at a time. It first started when I found a little Berger chair in a home store that was out of my price range, by the time I had convinced myself that I couldn't live without it, it was sold. A week later, I found this one at a garden center that the man had used it as his own. He willingly sold it to me, and probably laughed as he counted the money. I was so excited, and hence the addiction began, with high hope to recover them soon.
The ugly chair parade….

No, Mason didn't do it.
I found it in the trash this way.


Berry Family said...

Okay, I just freaked out a little. Your little boy looks just like my nephew. Anyhow, I love your little chairs.

Anonymous said...

TOO funny! At first I thought he had a hammer in his hand.

Melissa @ The Inspired Room said...

That is so funny, I am a chair addict too. I always had high hopes of recovering them, but alas, never seem to get around to that. So, lately I've been reluctantly parting with my chairs. As soon as they are given away, I start missing them. If only I could reupholster things myself!!!

Cute post! Three cheers for you! :-)

Happy week,

Cheri (aka "The Mom Lady") said...

Found you on Big Mama thinking you were perhaps British since you signed off - CHEERS! (Brits do that, you know). No, I'm not British although I should be by now after living there twice for about 10 years in all. I live in Houston now and have a vacation house in North Fort Worth (Keller) - don't laugh - it has the "natural resources" we want to see rather than lakes or mountains - CHILDREN AND THEIR CHILDREN! :)

Anyhoo, loved your walks in Fort Worth - I think it is a WONDERFUL place (especially compared to, ick, north Dallas) and we may well retire there when the time comes.

I love antiques too - especially British antiques. I was a permanent fixture at the local auction house before we moved back to Texas in late 2005 - got some pheNOMenal deals. Also loved the twice monthly antique "fayres" held at local horse race tracks. I did some damage there but am SO glad I did now that I'm back!

When you said "little chairs" I got excited thinking you meant children's chairs. I have a fetish for those with my pride and joy being a little Edwardian study chair in wood with leather seat and back. Got it for L10.00 on eBay of all places and had it restored! It sits proudly in my study and my grandchildren (3 aged 1 and 2 aged 3) love it when they visit.

I love chairs too - got several and had them restored before we moved back. You'd probably love the nursing chairs - uphostered, lower to the floor, usually tufted. I love to make a silk purse out of a sow's ear that originally was a silk purse maybe 100-150 years ago. It's my way of "going green" - that's MY story and I'm sticking to it!

Looking forward to more walks in Fort Worth!

Debbie said...

Cute chairs! And cookie dough for breakfast...why not? Just eat your cereal later, and they'll cancel each other out!

At Home in the Country said...

Hi! I just found your comment on my blog...duh! I love your style and look forward to visiting and reading about you! Especially your blog links, I see lots of french goodies in there!
p.s. Yes, I am already looking forward to unpacking all these treasures. It will be like Christmas!

Sandy said...

Fun post! I thought that was a hammer too. BTW, thanks for visiting my blog! Sandy

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for stopping by my blog! It is wonderful to "meet" you! I look forward to reading more of your blog.
I love the chairs. I can't wait to see them after you have fixed them up! Have a fabulous week!

Karin said...

Oh, I'm going to PASS OUT!!! Why didn't I know this about you when you lived across the street from me???? This is the funniest thing EVER. One of my most embarrassing moments ever was the day Katesy led Morgan through my front room, where my $50 thrift shop (down- stuffed, made by Sherrill, did I mention it was only $50???) camelback Chippendale sofa was sitting in the middle of the room, surrounded by 30 or so piles of fabrics. (Also an oil painting and two fabulous chandeliers from Thrift Town, another chair and a vanity :0 ) I was considering which fabric to use for slip covers. They went straight through that HUGE mess into the kitchen, where I was chopping onions and singing along with Michael Buble at the top of my lungs. And I think my son was wearing Katesy's tutu. Oh, I thought I was going to die- like Morgan was going to go home and say, "Mom, Miss Karin's house is a big garage sale mess" This is so funny. (Only my house still kind of looks like that.)

Scott made me give half my thrift treasures to Tom when we moved :(

We need to go junking some time!!