Wednesday, June 11, 2008

My Morgan

This is our first full week of summer and it is already full of activities. I can’t believe that Morgan is now going into high school. During the last weeks of school, the realization kicked in when she had to get fitted for Pep Squad uniforms, then the last week the stickers for our car and yard signs came in.
This week she is volunteering at church to work VBS and I have enjoyed listening to her daily adventures. This year it was organized a little different, they allowed the children to pick the groups that they wanted to be in. Therefore, Morgan’s group consists of 17, 2nd grade boys. She doesn’t seem to mind because it has allowed her best friend Jordan to be a helper also. Needless to say, the boy’s love the teenage helpers. Apparently one of them told Jordan that he has big plans to kiss her on Friday. Luck for her VBS ends on Thursday…
Where has the time gone? I so remember the days when she wore her little plastic dress shoes everywhere she went. It has now been replaced with make-up, flip flops and cell phones. Before too long, we will be packing up her car and sending her off to college. I pray each day that I remember take the time to slow down and cherish every moment that I have with each one of my children, because they truly do grow up so fast.

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