Sunday, June 29, 2008

The Ladies of San Antonio

The Ladies of San Antonio
I can remember when I was a child that we would come to San Antonio for a holiday or a quick vacation. We did the typical routine of seeing the Alamo, and walking through the River Walk. As an adult, the only time I see the Alamo is either when I am driving down town for something, or when someone is holding an event on TV, they always seem to pan over to the graceful old structure, which is a historical symbol of what San Antonio stands for.
There is another part of San Antonio that is almost never spoken of. That is some of the most beautiful Architecture that lines these streets of this historical old town. Just south of downtown lies a neighborhood called King Williams. The development of the King William area began in the 1850's on land that was originally farmland owned by the Mission San Antonio de Valero (the Alamo). Ultimately, it became one of the finest neighborhoods, where prominent citizens built their mansions to announce their success. The majority of these original families were German immigrants, and thus the street and later the area was named for Kaiser Wilhelm I of Prussia. In 1968 the King William Historic District was created as the first historic district in Texas. (Historical information provided by Nobles Inn website)
On Saturday I took a journey to pay tribute to these beautiful ladies. They still stand so proud and graceful. I took so many picture that Iwill share a few of them with you on Mondays for the next few weeks. -Cheers, Amy


Cheri (aka "The Mom Lady") said...

Fabulous! Reminds me of the "painted ladies" of Covington, LA when we lived in Mandeville. Next time I'm in SA, I'm going to HAVE to go on a nice long drive and see all these - I had no idea they were even there. Thanks for sharing!

vintagemom said...

What beautiful houses! I didn't know they existed. Good idea to post the others on Mondays! Gives us something to look forward to!

Diane@A Picture is Worth.... said...

I read about this area when I visited there recently! Your photos of the homes and area are lovely. I hope to go back soon...and visit this part of San Antonio!

Anonymous said...

Hi Amy! Glad you stopped by. I was in San Antonio 25 yrs. ago and wish I had time to explore more but it was a rushed business trip. These are beautiful homes. I look forward to checking back for more. I hope you will stop by often - Have a great day, Jeannette

niartist said...

Hi Amy, came across your blog through Karin, and decided to leave a comment on your post of the King William District. I'm from San Angelo originally, my brother lives in San Antonio, along with various other family members. I moved to Niagara Falls with my Partner, Scott 2 years ago - but before we did I went to San Antonio to see my brother and to have a tour of some of these grand ladies. What a beautiful street, and gorgeous homes. Have you been in any of them? We also ate a cute little shop called "The Mad Hatter". I expected something COMPLETELY DIFFERENT! Anyway, great blog ... just wanted to share that with you, thanks for my trip down memory lane with your great photos.