Monday, August 4, 2008


This morning while enjoying my mandatory cup of coffee, I decided to start bringing a few of my fall decorations out of the closet. I figured that if I brought a few things out, maybe it would bring a bit of cooler weather. Hey, a girl can dream can’t she?
I must confess I am a seasonal decorator. Two of my favorite time to decorate is fall and Christmas. On the first day of fall I brew a big pot of apple cider and make a pumpkin spice cake (in the shape of a pumpkin of course) for the kids to enjoy for and afternoon snack. I love her smell of cinnamon and spice.
My first project was to change my dishes out of my kitchen cabinets. I started collecting dished about 5 years ago. This is a gift that I inherited from my mother in law when Adam and I got married, we both enjoy going to antique stores, she thought me what to look for and how to haggle for a better price. This is a gift that I will always cherish. My collections started with Johnson Brothers “Strawberry Fair,” I just loved the Red and White transferware. I guess this is my summer pattern. Then I started collecting “Rose Point” by Pope Gosser this pattern is usually my base pattern, I tend to mix it in with everything. I love the tone on tone pattern with the raised roses. But, my latest collection is brown and white. I love the chocolate brown colors and the wildlife scenes. This is the pattern that I have put out today. I think that it just might work. I think it is suppose to be cooler tomorrow, 94°.

Spode Woodland


KKJD1 said...

Please let me know if getting out the fall stuff brings the cooler weather on, because if it does Im going to get mine out!lol
Hope you have a great week.
Blessings, Karen

AnneMarie said...

oh.. please bring cooler weather to TExas! lol!
I am in DFW and it is so hot!!!

by the way, followed you from The Reluctant Entertainer... :)
you have a great blog!!

KARIN said...

Oh, Amy! I so love your brown and white china!! What pattern is that- Woodland Spode? This has been educational for me. I have never heard of Pope Gosser! I was born in a town in Germany that manufactured china, so most of my china is German. This gives me something new to look for. Last year I had big plans to buy enough brown and white transferware to be able to set a table for Thanksgiving, but I haven't yet. Wonder if I still have time. I guess it won't matter what my table looks like until I paint the walls in there :(

This heat is KILIING me!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I am looking forward to fall too! It is just too hot! I was actually thinking of skipping to Christmas to find a little relief from the heat...haha
Your china is just gorgeous! You collection sounds wonderful. Dishes are a weakness of mine, especially Johnson Brothers.
Hope all is well,

Vern said...

Your stuff is beautiful!!
Makes me want to change my colors!!
I have a Coca Cola Kitchen so my "dishwares" are Red & Black Coke prints...And I have a set of White my china I inherited from my hubby's grandma.

By the way - CONGRATUlATIONS!!!
I was going to call you this week- but I have been sick (yuck!)...Glad you stopped by my blog and saw that you won!!!

I will talk to you later about getting that delivered.

Have a great day!


Sue said...

Those dishes are so pretty. i've had them on my wish list for ever since we have the family here for Thanksgiving and I just think it would set such a nice fall table. Just can't justify buying another set of dishes though. Thanks for posting yours so I could enjoy them vicariously through you.