Tuesday, August 26, 2008

First Day of School & Freshman Frustration

The first day of school went fairly smoothly. McKenzie didn’t sleep very well the night before, so I was surprised that she got up and got going as quick as she did. We even had a little time left over to take a few pictures before the bus came.
I had asked her several times if I could take her to school, but she insisted that she wanted to see all of her friends on the bus. Who am I to fight the connivance of the bus?

Morgan got ready on her own and decided to be dropped off at a local taco place to meet her friends for breakfast tacos and that way they all could ride to school together. My husband asks if we needed to have a party for everything.
Morgan’s reply.. “Yes, isn’t that what High School is all about?”
We are in BIG TROUBLE!

Freshman Frustration

On Saturday night Morgan’s high school had a BBQ and Pep Rally to introduce the football players and kids that participate in different sports and sprit organizations. It was a lot of fun seeing the parents of the children that you have watched grow since elementary school to young adults and starting to mature. I also enjoyed meeting the parents of new friends from the other activates that Morgan is starting to participle in.
My dear friend Debbie, who has a daughter who is now a sophomore, has kind of taken me under her wing. She called me a few days before the dinner, to let me know that I needed to be there early to draw “lottery” ticket, so that you can meet later, another night to pick your seats in the stadium.
“You what?” I asked her in amazement. “You have to get a lotto ticket to be able to know when you can buy football tickets.” This was all new to me. A freshman mom…
I decided to get there early, 3:30; the dinner would not start until 5. I realized that I was not the only early bird, there were at least 31 other people ahead of me. These people mean business! My friend Debbie joined me a little later; Morgan was saving her place in line. She asked me if I had bought my “Sprit shirt” yet. Dazed and confused I stumble to the row of tables lined against the wall. Tee shirts, jackets, button downs, caps, bleacher seats, just to name a few things. There were so many choices. One mom decided to have mercy on me and told me that most of the moms had bought the black button down. So that’s what I ended up with, plus a few shirts for the rest of the family. I go get back in line and about 30 minutes later, the line starts to move> FAST! Within seconds I was being hand a paper and force through the line.
I would relive the same experience again on Monday night trying to pick our stadium seats. I know that it must seem like a simple task, but trying to figure out what side of the field your daughter will be performing for a whole 2 minutes a game can be a little confusing. Thankful Debbie just said put her here next to us. So, $300 dollars later, I have tickets to high school football games.


Chocolate Cat said...

Oh my goodness, this sounds so foreign to me, we don't have anything like this here in Australia. Is it a big school? and the football, is it played against other schools from other towns ???

Chocolate Cat said...

Another question, do your kids not have school uniforms they have to wear? My daughter, the same age as Morgan, is very interested in the differences / similarities!!

KARIN said...

Oh my, Amy. So not ready for that. Sometimes I miss the small town aspect of Friday night football games. Holy Cow, $300. But weren't you so proud of Morgan? I mean, how exciting for her!

SASSY said...

So..not ready for this. Gosh! It sounds a little like the area where we used to live - Southlake, Tx. People camp over night to get the football tickets each year - crazy! And it can get VERY ugly, very fast.

Anonymous said...

Your girls looked so pretty for their first day of school. It just amazes me how quickly they grow up.
I don't envy you at all with the whole high school thing....our day is coming! It's already pretty hectic in the middle school. The south and it's football.......
Gotta love it!
Have a great weekend,

Mario and Amy Andreani said...

Sounds like a crazy week! Your girls are beautiful. Enjoy!

aunties said...

You daughters looked so beautiful for school! Oh I am so glad my children are past that age...and our cute grandchildren arent there yet. As you know Miss P Mc Call lives with us and started Jr High and oh my how it is all changing. 300.00 dollars! Oh, well enjoy and have fun!
Hugs to your family,

KKJD1 said...

What a fun first day the girls look so pretty. Glad I dont have to worry about all this hustle and bustle of school since we homeschool things dont get so pricy.
Hope you will have a great labor day. Blessings, karen

Angela said...

The beginning of school is as confusing for parents as it is for the kids nowadays it seems! Your daughters are beautiful!

Vern ~ Inspired said...


I am so glad you are at WC...I love getting to see you everyweek at the games!
Thanks for helping me get video last week...you did not do so bad!

Have a great weekend!


beth at aunties said...

You are missed here in blog land. Are you and your family alright?