Thursday, August 7, 2008

Confessions of a Stay at Home Mom

A few weeks before school let out McKenzie met a new friend that lived around the corner from us. She was so excited and of course wanted to set up a play date as soon as possible. So, I talked to her mom and we decided that she would come over that Friday after she got home from school. The mother invited us in and then showed me around her lovely home. Then she said that she would bring Kenzie home later. Well, I knew that she might want to “look around” since she had shown us her house. So, franticly I went home to clean my house.
I must tell you, I really hate to clean. I love coming home a getting a wif of pinesole when I walk through the door, but I just dislike the actual chore of doing it myself. So, I started cleaning up the mountains of baby toys on the floor and made sure the dishes were done. I stuffed whatever else that needed to be hid into my laundry room and shut the door. Surely she wouldn’t want to go in there.
Just the time I had finished vacuuming, in walks McKenzie through the garage and laundry room doors, followed by her new friend and her mother. I was so embarrassed. I showed the mother around and when they were ready to leave, the friend couldn’t find her shoes. She had taken them off somewhere in the house. So we looked everywhere. My house was pretty clean by that time, nothing really on the floor, so they would have been pretty visible. They had DISAPPEARD!!! The mom thought that maybe she had left them at home, and they left.
Almost a week later, while looking for our own lost shoes, I looked under McKenzie’s bed, and there they where, the lost shoes. I just really had to laugh. So I took the shoes and put them in a bag with a note attached to them.
Here is a copy of the note:

Dear Ms. Sarah,

You will happy to know that we have solved “the case of the missing shoes.”
After a week long search it is reported that the shoes had been abducted by the notorious Dust Bunny Bandits. Their hide out was discovered under McKenzie’s bed early this morning.
Their plan to take over the world one shoe at a time was foiled by Ms. Amy when she discovered the shoes under McKenzie’s bed by accident. The two are now in custody. They are now being questioned in other unsolved crimes like
“who took my other sock” and “who colored on the wall.”
We will keep you informed.
P. S.
We have I enclosed a copy of their mug shots:


KKJD1 said...

How cute! Thanks for making me smile! Hope you have a great weekend. Blessings, karen

Chocolate Cat said...

No one ever visits me when the house is clean but I can guarantee this weekend I will have people call in when maybe just maybe it is almost at it's worst!!

J.L. said...

Hi Amy! Thanks so much for stopping by to see me. YES, yes, yes! West Tx people are the best ever! My momma always said they are the nicest people you'll ever come across..

Abilene - did you say, Abilene? Hubby is from Snyder - surely, you know where that is! We met in Amarillo and married in Lubbock. Hubby would move us to Abilene in 2 seconds flat, if I'd give in. He loves that little town. So many precious memories in West Texas.

Red-haired kiddos are the best! I do however, worry that she will get picked on in school, but hopefully she will appreciate her beautiful hair color one day..


Janera said...

Very cute!

I'm another West Texas gal, so it's especially nice tameetcha!

Found your blog while checking out Rhoda's party. I'm trying to decide what to bring.

Come visit anytime!

Anonymous said...

Too funny! Love the dust bunny bandits.