Monday, August 18, 2008

Lighting and a Hole in the Wall

Some of you might ask what one has to do with the other. Well, our little home is about 50 years old, and apparently has changed hands more than a couple of times over the past decade or so. It seems that each owner must have had their own ideas of what needed to be done to the little home. One of the owners thought that she needed a larger closet, therefore removed one of the two bathrooms to accommodate this. The owner before us added a corky little master bathroom and decided that the kitchen area need more light, so he decided to put a pass through (a hole) in the limestone wall that separates the formal living/dining room, and the kitchen/family room. It is the typical 50’s ranch style floor plan. Therefore I am left with this great big hole in the wall, and still very little light over the little table that is against the wall (that is another issue for another post).

I could do several different things:

1st, I could add a glass window or iron work:

2nd, I could leave it as it is and just hang a light over the table.

Or, I could just move….


Anonymous said...

I love the idea of decorative glass or ironwork in the hole and then find a light that compliments it well. I think it would look really good.

I look forward to see what you choose.

Theresa @ Take A Sentimental Journey said...

I like both your ideals . The house we lie in now had a hole in the wall also . The first thing I said when I saw it was , that's got to go ! We gutted the whole house anyway because it had paneling . We sheetrocked the whole house . But thank goodness I got rid of the hole !

KARIN said...

Speaking from personal experience here, I can tell you that if you hate your house and move, you will find new things to hate about the house you move in to. I am not kidding :(

It was hard for me to concentrate on your picture because I was enthralled by your rooster print. Once an addict, always an addict.

And finally, HOLY COW!!! Love that pendant light!!!! I was going to do a post about that kind of light. I found a vintage one on ebay that I think will match the other big light thing I found for my island. The picture you posted is beautiful. Love it!

I'm certainly long winded today- too much time pent up with little ones. PS On Fleetwood, we had a 97 year old neighbor. Remember Mrs. Mills? Oy!

bj said...

I, too, have a 1950's Ranch and....

I WANNA MOVE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!